Nice guys and Porn sites

Did i mention that nice guys never abuse. Oh yes they dont! These muddafackas angels of heaven won’t even use shit in a conversation without two asterisks. They also do not watch porn or do anything bad by societal standards. They can post mobile numbers on porn sites but they wont watch porn. Such respect for women makes me really want to worship their niceness with a stick and a shoe.  Continue reading Nice guys and Porn sites

Commitment and Relationships

Human life is full of illusions at every path. The human mind can only perceive the visible spectra and cannot see beyond that. That is one of our limitations. Similarly, when we ‘commit’ we are operating from a sensual/physical level. One likes someone’s personality, the way he expresses himself/herself moreover if one is a ‘maal’ or a dude. Commitment happens at a rapid pace 😛 . Thereby proving that commitment nowadays is only limited to physical attributes. Continue reading Commitment and Relationships